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The Doña Juana Conferry sunk on 20th June 2010. It had been anchored for over three years and now lays on its side, with a good portion of it above water. Unfortuately we are not able to dive it in its present location. Hopefully the officials will force the Conferry to be responsible and have it refloated and moved to a better loaction for divers.

El barco Doña Juana del Conferry se hundio en la madrugada del domingo 20 de junio 2010. Al parecer por fallas en una de la sala de maquinas. Estaba fuera de funcionamiento desde hace tres años. Ojala que dicidan reflotarlo para hundirlo en otro sitio que se pueda bucear.



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Bahia Divers boat.  Picua 30 pies
PADI - Centro de submarinismo - Dive Resort - Boutique de plongée

LOCAL DIVING - Bahia Divers C.A. founded in 2009 by Nancy Gagne, is located in the peaceful Bahia Redonda International Marina Complex in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. We offer all sorts of PADI scuba diving courses, boat diving trips to the islands within the Mochima National Park, equipment rental, equipment repair and air fill.

 The diving varies from reef, shipwreck, wall, and cave diving, with over 60 dive sites to choose from. Come visit our most popular dive sites such as: La Ballena, La Catedral, La Cueva del Faro y Las Burbujas.

APARTMENT RENTAL - Bahia divers also offers apartment rental accommodations within the complex. This makes taking your scuba diving course a lot easier when living and learning on site. Please inquire about our Adventure package and Go Pro program.

Other tours- Adventure tourism all over Venezuela   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUPAcoj2g7w please contact Edgar Vasquez or stay at a Santa Fe posada http://www.lepetitjardin-mochima.com/?lang=es .


  (photos) Isla Mujeres/Cozumel March 2012 (right) Galapagos March 2013 (below) Bonaire February 2013